June 10, 2022
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Sustainable Development

The realities we are experiencing today are forcing organizations to constantly review their practices, regardless of their sphere of activity. Due to climate change, increased supply and social wars, companies must innovate in order to reduce their carbon footprint, stand out from the competition and be socially involved. The manufacturing industry is no exception, as many environmentally harmful practices are still used in some companies.

To address this new state of affairs, today’s business leaders have modified their corporate missions and added a concept that we have been hearing a lot about in the news: sustainable development. The objective of sustainable development is to maintain environmental integrity, ensure social equity and achieve economic efficiency. In this paradigm, managers must promote an equitable sharing of natural resources, take precautions to avoid harmful impacts on health and the environment, and attempt to maximize the life cycles of their products.

Ideal Cargo and Armorteck did not turn a blind eye when the United Nations called on companies to implement sustainable development practices. Our managers have taken the necessary steps to make our production as environmentally responsible as possible, while offering a range of products that meet the needs of a variety of market segments.

In creating Armorteck, our Co-Presidents had the goal of offering customers the lightest trailer in North America. Our Stark trailer model has an aluminum frame that makes it very light compared to other models available on the market and therefore saves a lot of fuel. In 2022, both companies have created biocomposite panels that are produced from 100% recycled materials. With our GreenEdge technology, for every trailer produced, an average of 6,500 plastic bottles are recycled. Ideal Cargo is responsible for the production of these panels for both plants. And that’s not all—Ideal Cargo and Armorteck also use the latest equipment technology, which speeds up production lines and cuts down on energy consumption. This synergy allows us to reach one of our goals: to produce a large quantity of trailers adapted to the different needs of our customers while reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum.

The vision of Armorteck and Ideal Cargo’s managers and their involvement in sustainable development practices are no longer to be feared. These companies are actively participating in the equitable sharing of the planet’s natural resources for future generations and taking responsibility for the life cycles of their products.

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